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Preparing for Success

Getting Ready to Learn

We make sure all students transition from high school to college smoothly. From our Summer Enrichment Program to our First Year Experience course, you'll be ready to learn the ins-and-outs of college with less anxiety.

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Start off Strong

Build your skills for success.

A Strong Academic Foundation

First-Year Experience

Your coursework in the fall will include a class called the First-Year Experience Seminar: Leading and Serving, which will help you integrate into the life and culture of Dougherty Family College (DFC) at the University of St. Thomas.

In this course you’ll learn strategies for thriving in college, and build on life skills like time management, note taking, stress management and more! You’ll listen to guest speakers and interact with DFC students outside of your cohort.

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Summer Enrichment Program

Your two years at the Dougherty Family College begin with a Summer Enrichment Program, August 19-28, 2024. It will prepare you to get the most out of your education.
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Get the Most Out of College

Summer Enrichment Program Details

The Summer Enrichment Program is a required orientation as a part of your first-year coursework. During this time, you’ll develop your leadership strengths, and review skills that will help you be successful in school. You’ll get to know the campus and learn about opportunities available to you as a Tommie. By the end of the program, you’ll be ready to start the fall semester.

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Family & Loved Ones Event

Don't worry, we haven’t forgotten your parents and the other supporters in your life! The Family and Loved Ones event is an opportunity to meet our leadership, faculty, staff, students and other families with students at DFC.

10th Day Withdrawal Policy

DFC may choose to initiate the withdrawal of a student from all courses in a term under certain circumstances. Specifically, DFC may choose to initiate a term withdrawal if it determines that a student, who is registered for the current term, is unlikely to maintain enrollment in good standing based on one or more factors which may include, but are not limited to: failure to complete the financial aid process, failure to complete the Summer Enrichment Program, or multiple absences from one or more classes within the first 10 days of a term. Before making its determination, designated DFC staff will seek to discuss with the student and confirm the student’s interest and ability to continue enrollment in good standing. If, prior to the “last day to drop a course without notation on record” under the Academic Calendar, the dean determines that the student has not provided sufficient confirmation of the student’s interest and ability to maintain enrollment in good standing throughout the term, DFC will initiate the withdrawal of the student from all courses. Such term withdrawal will take effect on or before the “last day to drop a course without notation on record” under the Academic Calendar. DFC will provide the student with prompt written notice of any such withdrawal initiated by DFC.

DFC Term and Institutional Withdrawal Policy