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Scholar's Resource Center (SRC)

The SRC Advantage

The Scholars Resource Center provides a variety of math and writing resources to help students build a strong foundation for success. Meet individually with our dedicated Math Specialist, Literacy Specialist or any of our great tutors for personalized assistance with your assignments.

Learn, Practice and Apply

What You’ll Find at the SRC

Located in the heart of the Dougherty Family College (DFC) Student Commons, the Scholars Resource Center is an easy-to-access learning hub. Connect with our highly trained specialists and tutors to take advantage of all the SRC has to offer.


DFC and St. Thomas students are available to tutor in multiple subjects.

Literacy Specialist

Work one-on-one with our literacy specialist.

Math Specialist

Solve tough problems with our math specialist.

Make Connections at the SRC

The SRC is situated in the heart of the DFC commons. Here you’ll find academic resources, have access to a computer lab and study rooms to get your work done.

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Team up with your classmates and cohort members to study, work on your assignments and projects, and support each other to succeed academically.

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Prepare for Next Steps

Develop skills that’ll prepare you for internships and your four-year (bachelor’s) degree after graduating from DFC.

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