Sarah McCann

Interim Associate Dean of Academics


  • Education
  • Master of Science in Journalism: Medill School of Journalism, Evanston IL
    Master of Theological Studies: Harvard Divinity School. Cambridge MA

  • Research Interests
  • Professional interests include continued writing and editing for public policy organizations and participation in the Minneapolis Police Conduct Review Board.


Dougherty is going to change the landscape of college persistence and graduation for lowincome students. Dougherty immediately appealed to me because this school removes the roadblocks that so often prevent graduation for first-generation college students: Financial difficulties, a disconnected curriculum, or few mentoring supports, for example.

Second, Dougherty is rigorous. We’re delivering the curriculum provided at the St. Thomas St. Paul campus, but with tweaks and supports that allow our students to thrive. I love that.

Finally, it’s a joy and a privilege to walk with first-generation college students as we discuss some of life’s most fundamental questions: Who is God? What is faith? What does it mean to care for others? While theology is an academic discipline, at Dougherty we’re also able to talk about the moral and ethical obligations we have to help shape the common good and participate in social justice work. We recognize each student and staff person as made in the image of God- and that perspective makes this a truly sacred space.