Martha Alonzo-Johnsen

Clinical Faculty - Biology


  • Education
  • PhD in Biology, Duke University

    BA in Biology, University of Chicago

  • Research Interests
  • My academic interests are Developmental Biology, specifically heart development as well as Anatomy and Physiology. I am also interested in the intersection of research and community; how advances in medicine that benefit the community are inclusive and representative of the entire population.


I am delighted to work at the University of St. Thomas, an institution that understands the strength of a diverse student body in exchanging ideas and learning in higher education. I believe that learning fundamental biology about the world and ourselves should be accessible to everyone. To cultivate this goal, I strive to be an accessible teacher that is enthusiastic about biology; create a class atmosphere that encourages multiple problem-solving methods; and provide a space where a wrong answer isn’t failing, it is learning.

As a scientist, I wanted to understand how the body develops and functions. However, my most engaging experiences in graduate and post-doctorate work were the opportunities to teach and mentor other students that came through the lab. I was drawn to teaching and I am glad I can dedicate my time to this endeavor at the Dougherty Family College.