Amir Mohamed

Clinical Faculty - Communication and Journalism


  • Education
  • MA in Communication: Bethel University

  • Research Interests
  • As a researcher, I utilize cultural intuition and critical theories to interrogate and disrupt practices and policies that reify multimodal oppression, placing special emphasis on matters concerning education, language, and intersectionality. I also attempt to engender new understandings of how anti-oppressive pedagogies can be used to transform learning spaces into sites of liberation wherein students are motivated and empowered to grow and build on their multiple knowledges.


I remember what it was like to be a first-generation college student, a racially marginalized other, and from a low-income immigrant community. The memory and consciousness of my undergraduate years beckons me to engender a different world, one where students don’t feel invisible or misrepresented by their university, or the broader national discourses that reify non-dominant exclusion. At Dougherty Family College, I get to work collectively with fabulous students, staff, and faculty to build that new and inclusive world.
As a part of that work, I strive to develop individual relationships in which students can feel safe and known. Additionally, I work hard at creating opportunities for students to explore their passions, discover their voices, maximize their culturally embedded knowledge, and learn about their capacity to contribute to the common good. In the classroom, I employ anti-oppressive pedagogies that open up spaces of hope, possibility, and transformation.

I’m truly thankful and honored to do such meaningful work in such an amazing community.