We Set You Up for Success

The liberal arts courses you take during your two years at the Dougherty Family College will transition you into a college environment and set you up for success in both a four-year college program and your career.

Course topics include:

  • Literature, writing and communication
  • Natural and physical sciences
  • Math and quantitative literacy
  • History and social science
  • Faith, social responsibility and human diversity
  • Fine arts

You’ll take a total of 64 credits while you’re a student at the Dougherty Family College. Some courses are required, such as Public Speaking. In other cases, you’ll be able to choose from a limited number of courses to fulfill your degree requirements.

Get a glimpse of what your Sample Course Schedule could look like in year one and year two as a Dougherty Family College student.

As you pursue your associate degree at the Dougherty Family College, you’ll take courses with your cohort, a group of about 25 students who will become your support system and your community throughout the two-year program. 

Your coursework in the fall will include a seminar called the First-Year Experience, which will help you integrate into the life and culture of the University of St. Thomas. You’ll develop the tools to become a responsible leader who thinks, acts and works for the common good.