Dougherty Family College at the University of St. Thomas offers a liberal arts associate degree program combining rigorous academics with comprehensive and culturally sustaining supports that prepare scholars to navigate and overcome social and financial barriers on their path to a bachelor’s degree.


Dougherty Family College sets the standard for preparing historically underrepresented scholars to earn a future bachelor’s degree, get on the path to a meaningful professional career and step into their role as transformative community leaders. 


Anti-racist: We actively work to uncover the patterns of oppression built into traditional systems of higher education and are intentional about dismantling these norms in our program.

Community-minded: We are a collaborative community that practices mutual respect, transparency, and compassion.

Culturally-sustaining: Our curriculum, programming and team are representative and affirming of our scholars’ identities.

Empowering: We help scholars explore their own power and strengthen their ability to make change.

Holistic: We eliminate barriers to our scholars’ success by supporting them holistically, inside and outside the classroom. Rigorous: We spur excellence by pairing unwavering high standards with academic supports, intensive mentoring and self-advocacy skills. 

Student-focused: The best interest and human dignity of our scholars is at the center of all we do.